• How do I enroll in the Rewards Program?
    Once your new card has been activated at the restaurant for the first time, you will complete your registration online on our website www.ninfas.com, and navigating to the Rewards Program section (https://ninfas.com/rewards-program/).
    • Select “Register and Be Rewarded” to be redirected to the Registration page.
    • Enter the unique 14 digit Loyalty Rewards card number which is located on the back of your new card in the top left corner.
    • You will be asked to enter a series of hidden pin numbers. The numbers will be revealed under the scratch off section, located on the back of your card in the bottom left corner.



  • How does The Original Ninfa’s Rewards Program Work?
    It’s simple. Once you enroll and register online in The Original Ninfa’s Rewards Program, you will automatically start earning points for eligible purchases. As a Rewards Program member, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of great rewards, exclusive offers, and other benefits!
  • Is there a fee to participate in the Rewards Program?
    The Original Ninfa’s Rewards Program is free to join!
  • How do I earn points?
    You’ll earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent on eligible food and beverage purchases.
  • Are there any transactions that don’t earn any points?
    There are a few items that are excluded from the Rewards Program. They include catering events, private dining events, purchasing gift cards, and ‘to go’ orders.
  • What happens if I forget my card?
    We can look up your member information to ensure that you earn points for your visit. If you need to add points from a previous visit, keep your receipt and email us at info@ninfas.com where we can add the points for you. We are able to add points for any visit going back 90 days.
  • What happens if I lose my card?
    If your card is lost, we can transfer the balance of points and any unredeemed rewards onto a new card that is activated at the restaurant.  Please contact us immediately at info@ninfas.com so that we can transfer the balance to your new card and make sure that your account is up to date.  The balance transfer may take up to 36 hours to reflect in your account.
  • When can I start redeeming my points for rewards?
    As soon as your account is registered you can start earning points and redeeming rewards.
  • How do I redeem my rewards?
    Simply have your server swipe your card when you dine at The Original Ninfa’s and if there are any rewards to redeem, the system will do so automatically for you. If you would like to view your point balance, please visit www.ninfas.com/loyalty or request a Rewards Program statement from your server.
  • What type of items do my rewards apply towards?
    When you start earning points on your Rewards Program card, you can redeem your rewards on all non-alcoholic beverages, food purchases, and private dining events. Rewards do not apply towards alcohol, catering events, ‘to go’ orders, the purchase of gift cards, taxes, and gratuity.
  • Where can I view or update my account information?
    View and update your account information by logging in at www.ninfas.com/loyalty.
  • Where can I go to view my points and rewards?
    You can view your account status by logging in at www.ninfas.com/loyalty or asking your server to print out a Rewards Program Statement.
  • I forgot my password. What do I do?
    To reset your password, click on the Forgot Password link at the User Login member page.
  • If I have questions about the program, whom should I contact?
    You can direct your questions to any Original Ninfa’s manager. You can also contact us at info@ninfas.com.
  • Is there a limit to the amount of points that I can earn?
    Your account resets after you have reached the 1500 points maximum threshold for your current plan. Once the plan has reset, you can begin earning from the first tier threshold again and redeeming rewards.
  • Do my points expire?
    Your points will never expire!
  • Can I share my points with other members?
    Points are only valid for the member who is registered on the card. Members may be asked to show identification when presenting their card.
  • Can I accumulate points on someone else’s check?
    Rewards Program cards are only valid for the Rewards Program member who is paying for their check at the table. Members may be asked to show identification when presenting their card.
  • When will points show up in my account?
    Your points will be added to your account as soon as you’ve completed any eligible transaction. However, points may take up to 24 hours to reflect in your account.
  • Can I add money to my Original Ninfa’s Rewards Program card?
    Absolutely.  Your card acts as a loyalty card and gift card in one. Your server is able to add value to your card at any time.
  • What are The Original Ninfa’s Rewards Program Terms and Conditions?
    Good question. Although your points do not expire, The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation reserves the right to discontinue the Rewards Program at any time. Members would be allowed to redeem any accumulated rewards before the expiration date goes into effect and the Rewards Program is discontinued.

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