Our Response to COVID-19


We Have a Plan and We Are Prepared


The Original Ninfa’s primary goal during this time is to protect our guests and employees from Covid-19. We have implemented a strict policy and training regimen for all employees based upon best practices for personal hygiene, quality and use of PPE, constant cleaning and sanitizing and interactions with guests and other employees. Clear procedures for the immediate response and actions to take in the event of suspected coronavirus-like symptoms have also been established.

At the outset, a Health and Safety Director was proactively hired specifically to oversee and maintain COVID-19 planning, protection and response as her sole responsibility. We have the necessary protocols in place to monitor and react in the inevitable case of employees being exposed in their activities away from work and protect our guests. Our employees are trained to maintain distance and minimize contact and to immediately report any suspected symptoms or exposure. 

In any such event, we will immediately conduct video-assisted contact tracing. Any employee who might have been exposed will be quarantined on paid leave for at least 14 days and will not return to work until they have been cleared by testing. All potentially impacted areas will be immediately and thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitized before reopening the following day.

The Original Ninfa’s has a plan, effective policies and all the necessary equipment. If we err, it will always be on the side of caution. A copy of our COVID-19 Handbook which describes our policies and procedures is available here.

We look forward to serving you.

CLICK HERE to view Texas Restaurant Association’s policy for Covid-19 Health and Safety.

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It is not affiliated with any other restaurant which may be licensed to use the name “Ninfa’s” in some manner.